Friday, May 15, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Stay Up Till Midnight on a Work Night: A cautionary tale

For reasons not entirely within my control, I was up until midnight last night. This means I am extra tired today, instead of my normal tired. And this means that everything is annoying to me. I have been at work for 34 minutes, and I can already make a bulleted list of things that have annoyed me. I try not to complain about work on the blog--loose lips and all that, as we learn from I shall be somewhat vague.
  • Other Secretary's husband drove her to work, so she forgot her desk key and had to borrow mine. You can't keep your friggin keys in your friggin purse?! This is not the first time she has done this.
  • Not-My-Boss. Pretty much everything annoys me, but the subtle micromanaging is the worst.
  • Coworker calls for Other Secretary on my line. Strike one. Explain that she is elsewhere this morning and to call back this afternoon. Coworker calls back SIX MINUTES LATER on other secretary's line. "Oh, I was hoping it would go to voicemail." Are you new here? All lines are answered live in this office. Strike two.
  • People keep asking if I have a Random Pile of Documents. No. Suggest you check with Other Building Secretary, as documents are generally located in the Other Building.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired and irritable? Sigh. Just over eight more hours till I can go home.

In other news, I tried the Domino's pasta bread bowl last night. (Pregant women are hereby dismissed from the rest of the post.) The chicken alfredo variety. It was okay. I thought the sauce tasted a little oniony, but we all know how much I hate onions. I feel okay today, though, so maybe it was some other offensive flavor.

The real prize, though, is the bread bowl itself. It's the same soft dough they use for the breadsticks, so it's not as tough or chewy. It's lightly dusted with the same seasonings as the breadsticks (or the breadsticks used to be; haven't had them in a while) but not nearly as strong, so it's a hint of flavor without being overpowering, as I thought the breadsticks occasionally were.

The drawback is that it came sitting in a pile of grease. Possibly an oil/butter blend. Either way. Gross. But overall, decent. I haven't tried Pizza Hut's pasta, and I hear that it's better than Domino's (Domino's's? The name itself is posessive!). Really, though, they should stick with the pizza.


  1. Thanks SO MUCH for the dismissal from the rest of the post! It's very considerate of you to give me a warning. Though you are far from here, no one wants to be the cause of someone else throwing up.

  2. I am so glad that Domino's redid their recipe. Their pizza is so much better than it used to be.


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