Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Money's too tight for steak," Marge replied.

So, I was making a 1/8 scale replica of the Pioneer Woman's creamed spinach last night (except it wasn't an exact replica, because I used half-and-half instead of milk and no onions...why do people put onions in every stinking recipe? Gross.) and I realized that my Rachael Ray cheesy spinach artichoke pasta sauce is basically creamed spinach with artichoke hearts and cheese thrown in at the end. I don't know why that was such a revelation to me. Perhaps because I don't do a lot with spinach. Until this month, apparently, when I have had three different dishes with cooked spinach. Crazy.

I had a lovely steak dinner last night, with Parmesan roasted potatoes and the aforementioned spinach. I finally found a way to cook steak indoors that I find acceptable: sear it in butter then straight into the oven for a few minutes. Have I mentioned that before? Anyway, if you don't have a grill, that's the way to go. Much better than the George Foreman. And despite my best efforts otherwise, I managed to not burn my hand. Even keeping the oven mitt on my hand was no guarantee. But all's well that ends well.

I don't think I've been getting enough iron lately. When do I ever get enough iron, you ask? When I take my iron supplements, that's when. Craving beef and spinach must be a sign, no?

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  1. It could be a sign. Or you're just a carnivore who likes green vegetables. Either or.


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