Friday, May 1, 2009

Living alone is...

Welcome to Living Alone Is..., an occasional series extolling the virtues of living, well...alone.

In today's installment, we review toilet paper. Living alone is finishing a roll of toilet paper and not putting a new one on the holder and nobody getting mad. Indeed, roll after roll of toilet paper can be finished and not put on. It's swell.


  1. With the right kind of people, you don't have to live alone to do that.

  2. Sometimes I'm disappointed that the roll has not been replaced because I also live alone. But yes. I agree with your sentiment. I also like to leave dishes in the sink for when I feel like doing them. Which is regularly enough, but it's still entirely my schedule.

  3. Oh yeah, the dishes, too. I put them in the dishwasher consistently, but if I have to handwash it, I'll usually let it sit and then do all of them at once. And there's no one here to mind.

  4. Wow. What has happened recently?!? I leave the blogging world for a week (ok, maybe more), and what happens? You start blogging so much that by the time I check back, you have so many new posts, I have to click "older posts" to see them all!! And I haven't even read them all yet!!!

    I totally love your new name: Dinner for one. Can't wait to catch up on your random thoughts! :)

  5. I'm all about the content these days! I try to update every day...or almost every day.

    I figured that practically all I talk about is food, and I'm eating alone, so...Dinner for one!

  6. You may find that no one minds when you ARE living with someone. It's usually me who minds that someone else finished the roll and didn't out a new one on.


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