Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whole wheat bread

My mom has a great bread recipe that, unfortunately for me, makes five big ol’ loaves. Even halved, I have no need for that much bread. I can’t eat it fast enough. I give some away, but still. It’s too much bread.

So I decided to try and cut it down to one breadmachine-sized loaf. I went to public schools, but my fraction skills are pretty sharp. It turned out great! I would say it is a “1.5 pound” loaf. I don’t know why they measure it by pounds, as weight varies depending on the type of bread. Anywho. My machine is a two-pounder, and the bread was three-quarters high, which—again with the fractions—means a pound and a half. Voila!

Whole wheat bread
1 c warm water
2 T oil
2 T honey
1 t salt
.5 T dough enhancer
4 t vital wheat gluten
2.5-3 c freshly ground flour
.5 T yeast

This is the order for my bread machine. Follow the order and instructions for yours. You could make it by hand…but why bother? That’s why we have machines! I'd give you the instructions for making it regularly, but oh, they're in the kitchen and I'm in the living room.

The best tip I could ever, ever give you is to make sure and measure the oil before the honey, because the honey just slides right out.

As a side note, I don't use wheat generally; I use spelt. It's more nutritious than regular wheat, it has higher protein count, it tastes yummy....It smells downright buttery as it bakes. Can't get enough.


  1. Funky stuff - where do you get spelt? I live in a highly populated and very poor part of The Jungle. We don't gots a lot so I'm thinking a special trip?

  2. I don't know where you'd get it there. You can buy online through several happens to be right down the street from my house--or just use whole wheat. It won't be quite the same, but still yummy.


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