Thursday, April 16, 2009

A view of the yard

The planter in front of my house is undoubtably the ugliest in the neighborhood. Because I have done zero with it:

There's a cigarette butt, the lid to what looks like a spray paint canister, washed-out paint, and lots of weeds. Lots.

It was raining quite a bit on Tuesday night, and it sounded like it was falling on the cement border between the grass and the planter. So I grabbed a flashlight, and sure enough, the gutters must be clogged because it was dumping out right in front of my window. But as I shined the flashlight down, I noticed something I'd yet to spot during the daylight:

Tulips! There amongst the weeds, I have three cheery blooms. What a lovely surprise!

In another neighbor's yard, though, you'll find these:

Wait, what is that? Mushrooms!

I've never seen this kind before! There was one cluster on Sunday, and by today, there were tons and tons. There's something almost whimsical about them, like from the depths of some old, eastern European forest. The ones we would get in Arizona were singles, very flat and white.

So there's a little tour of the flora of the complex. There's one picture I have spared you; it's evidence that one of my neighbors is pretty much pond scum. And we all know who it is. Letting your dog roam free is all well and good, but letting your dog poop in front of other people's houses...that's just gross.

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