Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today's Public Service Announcement:

If you are eating cereal and watching a commercial wherein they mention a Samsung Propel cell phone, it may sound like "a Samsung from hell." Do not be alarmed. This is normal. Maybe you shouldn't eat Frosted Shredded Mini Spooners for dinner in front of the TV.

No, I would never tell you not to eat cereal for dinner. Cereal for dinner is where it's at. I had cereal for dinner.

I'm scoping out plants and a retaining wall for my flowerbed, so I didn't get home until nearly seven--hence the cereal. I'm thinking some herbs, some vegetables, some flowers. I had to go deposit some checks during lunch, so I was walking across Temple Square, and I'm just amazed by all the tulips. Maybe I'll put some of those in. They had some at Lowes that are already sprouted, so I'd just have to keep them alive long enough to bloom. I might be able to manage that. I tend to kill things.

I'd like to plant a rosebush in front of the window. Growing roses sounds quite complicated--nothing short of ridiculous really--but I figure I'll give it a try. If it dies within a year, I can get a refund.

I'd better hold on to that receipt.


  1. I don't know about Utah's climate, but in Arizona, roses are really quite hardy. I've kept several bushes alive for several years. They're nearly maintanance free!

  2. Have you googled "growing roses"? You have to monitor the soil quality and all these strange things. I suppose that's only if I want show-quality roses. I just want something thorny to block the window.

  3. My best plants are ones that I have forgotten I planted.
    And trees. We have two fruit trees and they're doing fine, oddly, despite my help.


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