Thursday, April 16, 2009

The original blogger

I have a book at work that I read occasionally when I've forgotten whatever book I'm currently in the middle of. It's "the best of" Eleanor Roosevelt's "acclaimed" newspaper columns. From 1936 until 1962, right before she died, she wrote a newspaper column every day.

The topics are quite random. According to the back of the book, "A single column can range from small personal passions--such as gardening, being a grandmother, and gossip--to the largest public passions, including civil rights, the depression, the agony of war, the United nations, and the quest for world peace." Eleanor Roosevelt would have made an excellent blogger, I think. Talking about whatever is on her mind with--so far as I can tell--no real qualms about upsetting anyone....

I'm sure her column was rather a big deal then, but it seems quite quaint now.

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