Thursday, April 30, 2009

Math fail

I was sorting through my stationery last night, and ended up watching the results show for American Idol. They are down to the last five. They had them split into two groups of two, then asked The Guy Everyone Thinks Will Win which group he thought he belonged with. One group was clearly the stronger performances, so he grouped himself with them.

But wait. We already knew there would be a bottom three. So no matter which group he joined, THAT would be the bottom three. But clearly he thought he deserved to be with the stronger performances, because he is The Guy Everyone Thinks Will Win. I mean, the look on everyone's faces made it clear that this was unthinkable. Even the people who were safe were like, "Whaa?" They didn't even look excited, more like, "Are we being punk'd?"

So everyone was all shocked, but if they had thought about it for two seconds, they would have realized that he was in the bottom three. Two people can't constitute the bottom three. Duh.

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