Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Greetings from the future...or the past, depending on where you live

When I call my family in Arizona during Daylight Saving Time (which time I hate, by the way) I like to greet them with "Greetings from the future!" You know. Because they don't switch, so it's an hour behind Utah. Well, I think it's funny.

My very funny, Revalicious friend said she's going to use to remind herself in a couple years how miserable it is to be pregnant, lest she get any ideas. I like the idea of emailing yourself in the future. I sent one for my 30th birthday. You should try it. Unless of course you're already 30; you'll have to pick a different milestone.

In other news, I got ranch dressing on my shirt today, which I noticed as soon as I stepped outside the building. Yesterday I had a huge stack of paper towels in my purse, but I took them out this morning to put them in the car. Swell. So I wiped it off with a receipt from the car wash. Pure class.


  1. I did that when I was in Australia that summer - I'd IM people in the morning to the night before in the western hemisphere and tell them all the cool stuff that would happen the next day.

    No one was ever as amused as I was, jerks.

  2. How odd that I never thought of doing that when I've been out of the time zone.
    I totally will the next time now.


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