Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And what are YOU having for lunch?

I forgot my book today. I DEMAND MORE CONTENT. People should update their blogs, two and three times a day for my entertainment. This means YOU!

I have work to do, but I didn't ration it this morning, so I'll be done with it soon. Then what will I do all afternoon? Sigh.

In other news, I have been bringing cereal for lunch. This is a good idea, people. Especially when I bring grownup cereal with fiber and protein. And yesterday I had a banana. It was such a complete meal! But yes, we have no bananas, so today it's just cereal. More food. This is why I don't update more often. I'm talking about what I'm going to have for lunch. It just doesn't get more boring than that.

But while we're talking about food, Smith's recently had a case lot sale, and I bought a case of brownie mix. (Relax, a case only has twelve boxes.) But they were only $1 a box when you bought the case. You can't beat that price. You used to be able to get 'em for $1.08 at Walmart, but that was months ago, before gas prices went up. Of course, gas prices then went down, so I don't see why they're still charging nearly two bucks.

Again. I'm boring. I'm boring me. This is why I don't update. But lookit, this is my second post this week. I'm trying to bring you every fascinating excruciating detail of my life. Like last night, I went to Target to buy Seinfeld on DVD and they didn't have season 7! Or the Office season 4! So I bought Seinfeld season 9 and got a raincheck for the Office.

Oh, the thrills.


  1. Cathie, you are hilarious. Sorry I haven't posted more for you to read...but thanks for your expert opinion on digital photo organization! :)

    Are you still working at the Church Office Building?

    Oooo, I just had a thought. Cake pops but with brownies. Eh? Sounds awesome, right?

  2. I work in the Admin Building. The short one.

    Dude! I have made brownie cake pops. And yes, brownie pops are fabulous. BUT. You can't use the edges, for they are too crunchy. Either that, shouldn't use four-day old brownies. I tried cream cheese frosting, but chocolate would be an obvious choice, too.

  3. Two posts in a week...go Cathie! Sorry for my lack of updating...I am drawing a blank on topics.


  4. We ARE the same person - mostly, except you're cuter - I totally brought cereal to work for lunch when I was working, a lot. And then felt like I had to hide it from the boss or he'd insist on my eating a "proper lunch" when all I wanted was my MultiGrain Cheerios.


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