Monday, November 10, 2008

on temper tantrums

Here's a great quote from CNN today:

"Our intent is not to disturb churchgoers," organizer [of the protest at the Oakland temple] Tim DeBenedictis said in a statement. "Our goal is to mend fences and build bridges so that all Californians can achieve marriage equality under the law."

This, of course, is hilarious, because people who are attempting to mend fences and build bridges generally find it helpful to not show up with hateful signs and to not yell angry slogans over and over. Oh, and vandalism is also not helpful to the cause. People getting arrested for disturbing the peace makes it pretty clear what your purpose was.

The protests are about disappointed people wanting to make their disappointment known. It's the collective temper tantrum of a bunch of people who didn't get their way. They seem to think that they're being denied an inalienable right. No. They're being denied licensure by the state. The government legally recognizes people as "married" in order to provide benefits to those whose behavior is deemed beneficial to society. Society needs babies to be born so it can continue to be society. That's why there are financial benefits for marriage. To legalize gay marriage is to extend these benefits to two people because they are "in love." The concept of marriage in question isn't about love, it's about products.

And no, not every traditional marriage is healthy, and not every couple has kids, or can have them. But the government can't sort out those who can't or won't have kids from those who just don't have them yet, so the benefit goes to all marrieds. Because the government wants us to have babies in order for there to be someone to perpetuate the society.

Of course, for those who are in favor of negative population growth and think we should let ourselves die out, then I guess traditional marriage isn't desireable. Those are the kinds of people who get sterilized, and I say, thanks! That leaves more space and resources for me and my family.

Also, angry anti-Prop 8 people make life miserable at work, and that's just mean.


  1. So we have family in San Diego. The protests are soooo annoying, yes. But they are also violent, destructive, and dare I say... intolerant.

    We have friends and family who have had personal property stolen, vandalized, etc. And it's clear it was about Prop 8 when people spray paint your car "No on Prop 8".

    I loved your post. I've actually never thought about it as a 'products' business. It makes so much sense.

    My friend related it to drug use: I was born addicted to drugs, therefore it should be legal for me to do drugs because, you know...I was born that way. Or - I was born with an imbalance and I think it's ok to kill people. It should be legal for me to do that because, again, I was born that way.

    When you use the same arguments in any other context, it sounds absurd.

  2. Yeah, I love to point out that the people who are supposedly for tolerance and open-mindedness are the ones who are defacing churches (which is legally a hate crime!). If you're going to claim to be tolerant, you have to be tolerant of everyone, including those you disagree with. True colors have been shown over and over in the last week.

    I hate that people compair it to when interracial marriage was illegal. Race and gender are not the same. I've got no problem sharing a restroom with a black woman, but if a man tries to come in the women's room, that's a problem.

  3. I love that you are so elequent in stating the facts. It boggles my mind that this cry of "tolerance" only goes one way.
    Marriage is a privilege, not a right.


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