Saturday, September 27, 2008

Latest painting

Okay, so I painted this ages ago. A friend and I were going to paint something for each other and swap, but seeing as I'm sure she hasn't even started, I'm going to hang on to this one until I know mine's on its way. I'm quite fond of it, really, so maybe I'll get to keep it, heh.

Blue in Green

I should add that it's done entirely with a palatte knife, because I loved when Bob Ross used the knife to make mountains.

In other news, does anyone else thinks bleach feels slimy? I was santizing my cutting board (partly because it smelled like onions, but also because it's the germaphobic thing to do) and I was struck again by how strange bleach feels.

I started a sourdough starter that I got in the mail yesterday ( you two stamps!) and I'm not sure that it's really starting. It smells sour, but I'm not getting a lot of bubbling. I'm trying to keep it warm by keeping it by the computer.

I was surfing (do we still use that word in relation to the internet, surfing?) for sourdough bread recipes, and they almost all include yeast. Dude, I thought that was the point of the starter. Traditionally, I guess it is, but it appears that in these recipes, it's just to give it the sour taste.

I got my 2009 benefits brochure, and I kind of want to get braces, just because my plan will pay for half. But I don't really need them, except for my two bottom teeth in the middle. And then I would never be able to smile and say "I never had braces!" when people are telling their horror stories. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to give that up.

Ugh, and I totally missed International Talk Like a Pirate Day! It probably wouldn't go over well in my new office, anyway. Stuffy. And not just the air.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

just checking in

So. I neglect the blog terribly. You know why? Because there's nothing to say! My life consists of going to work, coming home, killing time, going to sleep, enjoying Friday night, cleaning and running errands and all those things I put off all week on Saturday, church and enjoying Sunday night, and then it all starts over again. And even I enjoy Friday and Sunday nights (which seems to be the trend lately) it's also a source of some frustration. Because nothing can ever be uncomplicated.

Of course, there are those random days where I find a house and job in Arizona that I want and seriously consider moving home, even though I have a good job here with the best co-workers I'll probably ever find. I don't really have any close friends in Arizona anymore. My life is here now, and I kind of hate that. Possibly because it's still not much of a life.

I miss my family. It stinks to be the only one who lives out of state. Shovelling snow stinks. Six months of winter extra stinks. Wearing nylons every day is terrible, and some of my shoes literally stink. It stinks not knowing who to call to drive you to the airport, having no one to kill bugs or pick you up when your car is in the shop. It stinks having to go to the store to get your own medicine when you're sick and having to make your own dinner when you're just too tired.

It's starting to feel less and less like I'm pretending to be an adult , and more and more that I actually am. That's scary. This is what being a grownup is? It somehow seemed like it would be more fun and exciting. Less sad and frustrating. Less working and budgeting and more carefree good times. Isn't that what I've been promised? Could the quarter-century of media I've consumed have misled me? Is it possible that most days consist of getting up, going to work, coming home, killing time, and going to bed? Is not every day full of adventure and intrigue and fabulous hair and makeup? This is it? This is what I've been looking forward to? Crap.