Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I need advice for my Arizona theme night. Ninty six years young, tomorrow!

I'm thinking of doing things to represent the five C's, but what do you do for cotton and copper?


  1. Are you throwing a party? Or is this for work?

    I will think while I am working today. What kind of representations are you thinking? Food or more just decor?

  2. Copper....some nice copper pipes? Or some Native American jewelry? Cotton....polish your nails and remove the old polish with COTTON balls? What do you have planned for the other C's?

  3. Dude, that IS what I was going to do for cotton! We could watch "Fox and the Hound" for copper, or I could just give him pennies.

    Steak, orange juice, crank up the heat.

  4. Great minds think alike! The pennies are a great idea, as well as the other 3 C's. Hope you had a great Arizona day! Oh, and a nice Valentine's day too!


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