Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hello from the "Library of the Year"

This really is the prettiest library I've ever seen. You know you've got something classy on your hands when they give architectural-themed tours. I've yet to go on said tour, but I certainly will someday.

It just feels wrong to blog during work, although I don't know how that is fundamentally different from e-mailing. It just feels different.

So, what's new? President Faust died, sad to say. Apparently when a member of the First Presidency dies, they close the offices for the day of the funeral, so everyone gets the day off. Well, everyone except for the security department, of course. But since I'm not exactly field trained (to us a CIA term I learned from Alias), there's no real point in me working. Everyone else will be working security for the funeral, but not me.

Starting to get settled in at the apartment. I have emptied quite a few boxes, and now only have a billion left, rather than just under a jillion. I even hung my Asian medallion on the wall (it's going to be a Zen hallway, apparently), although I'm a box of nails shy of getting anything else mounted.

Monday was what looked to be a Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I burned my neck in the morning (I look like someone held a knife to my neck), my knee hurt all day, and then I burned my hand making dinner. But maybe the neck burn will scar and I can tell people I was once taken hostage. That'd be a cool story.

The library closes in twenty or so minutes, and I'm out of things to say, anway.

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  1. We might be the same person what with the baking and the coooking and the hurting of oneself...


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